I like the sound of acoustic guitar and flute. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time, but I thought it would be fun to play both, so I took the plunge and started playing flute as well. After two years of playing the flute, I finally started to enjoy playing it a little more, and started to study the acoustic guitar and flute ensemble. I hope to be able to write some interesting stories for those who play the acoustic guitar and flute.

I also make ensemble arrangements for guitar and flute, and play with them, taking videos of my performances. I also make music scores, so if you find something you like, I’d be happy to refer to it.

Play Video & Score for Acoustic Guitar and Flute Ansemble

  • Tabidachi-no-Hi-ni(Guitar & Double Flute) 【Score】【Video
  • Himawari-no-Yakusoku(Guitar & Double Flute) 【Score】【Video
  • Story (Solo Guitar) 【Score】【Video
  • Robinson(Solo Guitar) 【Score】【Video